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The Nepali Entertainment Industry is expanding at an incredible rate, and I have always been passionate about it. My name is Deepesh Shrestha, and I have been associated with this Entertainment Industry for over 24 years wearing multiple hats as an RJ, VJ, lyricist, producer, music show host, event organiser, digital media guru and now a Storyteller.

Working as a Radio Jockey with Hits FM for more than a decade has provided me with a decent experience and subsequently set an immense passion within me to uplift the Nepali Entertainment Industry as a whole. I would like to believe that I have emerged as an enthusiast with a better understanding and empathy for the industry than I had a few years back. Now, when I see our young generation with the same zeal to better understand our industry, I realize the importance to share stories of some of the iconic stars and role models very closely in a ‘slow’ interview, to listen to their stories, get to know them better, learn about our history and inspire our budding artists.

TheDeepeshShow is more than an interview! It this is a platform for the guests to tell us their stories, not only about their careers but their journey through life. One gets to know more about the stars as they tell us their stories about their childhood, family, career, and inspiration for many of their music, songs, videos etc. in a way never seen before.

These ‘unheard’ stories will be unveiled by the guests in an informal and light-hearted talk. You will get to know the artists intimately, understand them and relate to their stories. Every piece of information and the questions asked herein are meticulously researched and planned. So, sit back, relax, keep your minds open and together explore these amazing stories… some of them, never heard before.
Every Sundays live on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

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